Challenge yourself to lose 10 lbs., or build 10 lbs. of muscle through PROJECT 10™. Then Challenge others to do the same. The more you Challenge, the more fun it is and the more likely you ALL are to succeed. For every 10 lbs. lost, you will be helping a PROJECT 10™ Charity. Who will you challenge today?

  • Weight Management

    The most comprehensive program to help achieve maximum weight-loss results using Vi™ products. The Challenge Kits will support your healthy physical transformation. The key to optimal weight loss support.

  • Building Lean Muscle

    Not looking to LOSE weight, but to GAIN weight. Perhaps you want to be stronger, leaner or just plain old fit. We have the right Kit to help kick-start your Challenge.

  • Healthy Nutrition

    Begin your journey to better overall health and well-being. Support your goal to feel your best by giving your body the nutrition it needs. This is great for those who have achieved their ideal weight loss goal and want to maintain that weight with one shake per day.